Welcome To Columbusound

At Columbus Sound, we offer cutting-edge sound editing, sound leveling, and mixing for your videos and other recording projects. We can even provide voice-over work.

All-Purpose Services

Have you developed a video game, and need sound effects for it? Or maybe you need a sound track for that game. Perhaps you have a local television program, or are preparing a video for a presentation. Maybe you have even contracted to do a commercial or film, and need the sound track mastered. That is where we come in.
At Columbus Sounds, we excel in turning your project into a professionally balanced and mixed work.

Technically Superior

Your audio recordings may be technically inferior to the demands of the existing market. Our sound editing, sound leveling, and mixing skills will bring the recording into a superior framework, yielding professional effects for your video or audio project.


Is your video lacking punch? You need the craftsmanship of a good sound editor and mixer to bring life to the project. As sound mixers and editors, we can add a soundtrack to your video that will make the hair on your arms stand up. A simple video of the life of a butterfly can make people cry, with the right sound track. Call us today to have a sound track added to your project.


Every sound track has three levels to it. There is the dialogue, which needs to be clear and understandable. Then, there are the included effects. These effects will tie scenes together, bridging between visual observation and action. Then, you have the music. A skillful editor can mix the three elements together to make a cohesive, moving presentation that compliments your video.
We can fix the existing dialogue in your recordings, known as production sound editing, even providing voice effects and voice overs, if necessary. Then, we’ll create the rest of the sounds you need to bring your project together.

Smooth It Out

Let us smooth out your production. The background sounds in your audio or video can be rough and jolting, breaking up the cohesiveness of your film. We can fix that, and many other problems, through skillful mixing and editing.
Give Columbus Sound a call today, to find out how we can help!