About Columbus Sound

Columbus Sounds grew from necessity. At age 50, Maggie Brogel was surplussed from her sound editing job of 25 years. It seemed that they could hire 2 new graduates for the cost of her salary.

Maggie had built up her own home studio over the years, and had taken on many editing jobs herself, so was not new to the idea of working for herself. With 2 children in university, she had plenty of motivation to continue with her profession.
Since she was exploring a “New World” in total self-employment, this intrepid entrepreneur named her studio “Columbus Sounds”, after the explorer who discovered the New World.

She hasn’t looked back. Although it was, at first, devastating to lose her job of 25 years, Maggie learned that working for herself was the most rewarding work she had ever done. No longer was she shackled by red tape and inept helpers. She was able to produce the quality work she had always longed to produce, not inhibited by a superior’s hackneyed views.

Maggie works hand in hand with her clients, taking the most satisfaction with the look of astonishment on their faces when they see and hear the finished product.
Maggie now has a staff of 3 working with her, and has been able to expand her business with very talented people who, like her, want to work directly with the clients to produce world-class artistry.
These talented professionals provide top of the line sound mixing, sound editing, and sound leveling, and, along with acting students from the nearby university, voice-overs for the many projects that come through Columbus Sounds.

Call or email Columbus Sounds today for more information on having the sound for your project professionally mastered.

Announcement: Columbus Sounds is now a GLOBAL company, with clients in Europe, South Africa, the U.S., and South America!

Oh, and that company that surplussed Maggie’s position? They went under – it seems they couldn’t maintain the quality that clients were looking for.