Modular Construction, Does It Make A Good Studio?

Modular Construction, Does It Make A Good Studio?

Alot of people have been asking me recently whether modular construction or SIPS panels is the way to go if you want an efficient and cheap studio, and I can give you the answer. Unfortunately it is not a simple yes or no answer, although I will try and keep it short.

Modular construction is definitely a great new invention, building houses in parts offsite is an incredible feat, and in most cases is a lot quicker and cheaper. The quality of modular buildings is also increasing by the minute, buildings are improving in strength and design. There are however a few caveats if you are looking to have something build specifically to use as a studio.


The biggest issue you are going to encounter with modular construction is soundproofing. depending on what material your new studio is built out of, the walls of a SIPS building are going to be thinner than an average build and therefore “leak” more audio. There are however ways around this, the first way would be to try and foam over the walls. There are specific foam pieces you can buy that are created in a certain shape to help disperse the sound, some of these panels over the walls should help, but it won’t be perfect.

The ultimate solution is to build a “room in a room” solution. This would effectively be building a room within your new sips panel building, perhaps you could even have another sips building inside. The way this works is that the airspace between the two buildings will not be able to transmit sound, creating the perfect studio environment! Remember to make the plans for you room slightly bigger to incorporate this though!

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Tuning and Balancing Your Chakras With Sound

Yoga: The yoking of their human body, mind, and soul. Mixing asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, and meditation has a profound and direct impact on the overall physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing and health. Why is it that we practice yoga? Most frequently it’s to feel great. Why can we feel great while we practice? Because yogic postures, breath, meditation, and chanting directly influence the glandular system, altering both brain and blood chemistry, balancing both the right and left sides of the mind, and draining the key energy stations or chakras.
Western yogic practices concentrate primarily on asana (postures) and Pranayama (breath) enabling the clinic to become meditative by linking the human body and breath. Adding extra elements of sound recovery to a yoga class or to one’s private practice further incorporates the numerous physical and psychological advantages of yoga and promotes healing at a cellular level.


Once an organ or body area is wholesome, it produces a natural resonant frequency that’s in balance with the remainder of the human body. After the vibration of a particular body area is out of harmony, we eventually become dis-eased. With dis-ease, another sound pattern is established at the affected portion of the body or thoughts. Projecting noise into the dis-eased region then corrects and restores healthy harmonic patterns.

The whole body, in addition to our brain waves at a relaxed country, vibrates in a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per minute, literally entraining and attuning us to the standard electromagnetic field of the earth itself! There are a number of procedures of healing with sound.

Mantras, chanting, and toning have been utilized for centuries. Many religions and cultures revere sound so profoundly as to think it called the world into being. For the Hindus, all was dark and silent in the world, until the initial movement in the world created the sound “AUM”. It’s the mom tone, including the frequencies of the rest of the sounds.

Crystal singing bowls are becoming more widely utilized in meditation and healing practices and are slowly making their way to the yogic community. They’re a practical and flexible instrument to enlarge one’s clinic and include an extra layer of comfort, deepening meditation, letting the human body and mind to come into equilibrium and a pure condition for recovery.

Quartz crystals have lots of physical properties. When dealing with crystals, there might be profound impacts on the organs, cells, and tissues, in addition to the circulatory, endocrine, and metabolic processes.

Alchemy singing bowls include a additional layer of recovery by combining the curative properties of the quartz crystal together with the further healing of various diamonds, minerals, and precious metals. Gold, platinum, emerald, ruby, citrine, to list a few, each possess their particular therapeutic frequencies and frequencies. Alchemy singing bowls have been tuned to certain frequencies and notes and with their abundance of overtones and undertones, possess the capability to clear chakras and their corresponding physiological and psychological attributes. They equilibrium imbalance by adding in the lost vibrational frequencies thereby allowing the body and brain sufficient space to encourage recovery.

There are various Techniques to integrating sound into one’s yoga course or clinic:

Chant! 3 minutes of chanting aroused the glandular system satisfactorily to alter brain and blood chemistry evoking clarity, psychological balance, a noticeable decrease in stress, lowering blood pressure and so much more.

Perform crystal singing bowls throughout a chakra meditation! Use a specially tuned bowl at the corresponding notice for every chakra… Root (c) via Crown (b) while trimming together with the corresponding chakra tones. This clinic quickly clears and provides balance to the chakra energy facilities allowing space for your body to concentrate on

Evoke the noises of the bowls throughout yin/restorative bearings to encourage deeper relaxation and extending into positions.

Where the true yoga happens. The posture that enables us to completely yoke the advantages of our clinic in the level of body, mind, and soul. You can learn some of these techniques at Yeotown health spa the sonic vibrations of crystal singing bowls enable us to unwind and let go in the deepest level permitting for healing and balance at the cellular level.

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Vocals: Recording The Perfect Take

Vocals: Recording The Perfect Take

Here you’re, palms are all sweaty, at the idea of record vocals. The weakest link in my recordings for an extended time was recording vocals, I certainly did not enjoy the days. Yet, over time some easy techniques attempted and it got simpler. The room you record in, getting the proper tools, mic technique and a fine operation need to come and get performed correctly.

I probably sound like a broken record by now but plays with a large part in your records. Sound was reflected by the thought when recording vocals would be to isolate the gift within your room so you do not get into the recording and the room is n’t recorded by you. To realize this you’ll be able to use sung booths or sound obstacles this will minimize any early manifestations from the gift in addition to keeping external noise away like traffic or your humming refrigerator. Here is a little trick, you can use anything as sound obstacles like pillows, blankets, mattresses, carpeting etc. Whatever you can do to create a little “sound wieldy” place for your ability to work in.

So you have ripped out all your blankets, pillows and mattress with no great operation that was simply wasted time. Vocals is a significant track run to the closest shop, get in the mood and catch some candles, tea and Christmas lights whatever you are able to think of to create an arty, cozy setting. Another helpful hint during recording vocals is attempt sub combinations or distinct headphone combinations the gift is listening overly during record. I find cutting bass or using distinct sound levels helps keep the gift more in tune thus do some tests to see what works best and go with this.

Everything up till now is good but what about the specialized things. Well like any record during the recording period you need sound that is clean because you are able to add effects in the mixing stage. It’s a procedure that is sensitive but do not give up! Do not let me find you without one.

To do this prevent using effects during record, because if you focus on clean sound subsequently adding effects after leave that for the mix phase function and will seem a lot. Simply bear in mind mic techniques, sound barriers, the disposition, and the room and you’ll have a strong basis for record vocals. Experimenting with distinct technique is significant it worked out extremely nicely and as I recall attempting to record vocals in a cupboard.

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Guide to Building a Home Recording Studio on a Tight Budget

Guide to Building a Home Recording Studio on a Tight Budget

You’re embarking on a journey which will offer you an investment that can last a very long time when you decide you need to build a house recording studio. The best thing about recording your songs is that even if you don’t make it to the best of the charts you can capture a time in your lifestyle which will live on forever for you future generations of family to appreciate and see a picture of your energy on earth. If this’s not a good reason to get one I don’t understand what is.

On to the technical side anyhow, to build your studio the really basic thing you have to begin with is a PC or notebook. You require as music recording can definitely push on the capabilities of its possibility the maximum specification you are able. Ideally keep this computer disconnected from the web. The main reason is reduction of information from downloading something and crashing the entire thing. Also it change record and could simply slow it down.

I’m assuming you’re already a musician that is capable but only to verify you’ll desire instruments, the most apparent being drums, bass guitar and a guitar. You have these so let us build a studio. This can be a specific studio piece of equipment, not suitable for performance due to the sensitivity of the diaphragm which picks up the sound. Make sure you pick one with phantom power, preferably 48v. This is a small amount of electricity which passes in to the mic to improve the clarity of the sound.

Your following piece of gear is an audio- midi interface. This can be a small box which plugs into the USB port on your computer and after that you’re able to plug in a number of guitar and loudspeaker cables to send the audio into your computer for recording. Make sure you can use quarter inch jack, XLR and MIDI cables.

Now you need to hear the sound so you require a couple of points, get some decent earphones rather the large ones that fully cover your ears and drown out outside noise, these will be utilized for vocals when you wish to sing but perhaps not document the backing audio at the same time. Additionally you need monitor speakers. These have a greater range of frequencies as opposed to typical home stereo kinds as you will end up recording in large quality definition.

You will also need to do some soundproofing, especially if you have neighbors or your looking to record voicework. There are other things that might need attention too, objects that could effect the sound in the room such as metal planters or large chambers.

Last but not least, you have a need for a computer music enhancing application. These days there are a large number of options, to name one to get you started take a look at Cubase and go from there. This really is essentially where you deliver the sound from your audio interface in to the computer on the program where you are able to blend, edit and generate.

The attractiveness of the set up is you are able to meet these items in your extra bedroom at home and with a bit of searching you are able to pick these up-even on a modest budget. This really is a basic home studio but it’s enough to establish a complete tune which with the help of music sites that are online could be another big hit. All the best to you.

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Getting Started in Voice Overs

Getting Started in Voice Overs


Aspiring talent instantly find that it takes more than simply an excellent voice to triumph in this competitive marketplace, when getting started in voice overs. Although at first glance, there may appear to be few doors that open for recreational talent seeking voice over work chances, the paths for networking, talent development and personal advancement are exceedingly plentiful. You only need to find out where to locate them.

The idea of becoming a voice-over talent typically begins with a compliment from a friend, co-worker, or relative. When someone hears similar opinions from individuals outside of recognizable groups, completely study the voice-over profession and the person is inspired to make an action plan.

Aspiring voice-over talent can locate a wealth of resources and guidance from various sources on the web. There are several great sites online that share advice about the business, supplying alternatives to almost every “Getting Started” voice over question and career development resources. These resources may establish themselves in numerous strategies, company templates, and eBooks.

If an aspiring voice-over talent want to completely investigate voice overs as a profession, there are multiple methods to study the subject without having to make the comfort of residence. A few of these research approaches comprise seeing the sites of professional voice-over talents, listening to voice over demos online, and reading up on what business leaders must say, including casting directors, and trainers, representatives, authorities.

There Is an abundance of voice-over sites online that show what it’s truly like to be in professional voice overs, providing exceptional insight into what can be anticipated if one were to enter the voice-over profession, things like TV adverts for brands like Oska Clothing, TV shows, cartoons and more.. Many professionals discuss their livelihood goals and ideas about the sector as a whole, private observations and their career advancement.

Voice overs are really active not to mention used in an incredibly popular area. Many professional voice overs don’t have time to direct an aspiring talent by the hand and personally consult them regarding prospective career possibilities and their voice. Professionals frequently link to business sites or other helpful sites. These links are accessible to aspiring ability as a means to find more complete resources which will assist them in starting out as a voice-over talent.

Although reading the sites or seeing sites of professional voice overs may be a fun, leisurely action, your research should bring about more hands on and educational efforts including contacting a voiceover coach.

A voice-over trainer will have the ability to identify what your voice type is, the sort of work you’d be ideal for, and will aid you in developing your vocal range, both artistically and technically.

Voice Over Coaches

Make an appointment with a voice-over trainer. They’re going to be happy to evaluate your voice and set up a training program for you at their studio. Going with a private voice-over teacher has its advantages. Who could supply an objective view in your voice, vocal teaching that is tailored, special guidance, and profession resources on this kind of personal level?

A voice-over trainer will help focus in on your strengths and develop your abilities. Occasionally it takes someone to inform you where you beam as the regions of voice acting that are not always your forte and a voice actor.

A voice-over trainer will additionally have the capacity to identify your specialization skill sets, and if you’d like, help you to plan and record your voice over demo. These preliminary attempts allow you to supply outstanding voice-over services to your future customers and will define your voice over career at present.

As with anything precious to your development, a voice-over trainer will charge fees for their services. Be the only determining factor seeing whether you study with them or not when choosing the voice-over trainer, do not let their training fee. The fees which you pay should additionally offer you a comfortable learning environment, the voice-over abilities, and a teacher who you can relate to that you would like to get.

Workshops and Tele-classes

Some folks prefer to meet in person, taking lessons in a group. A workshop is an open class that attended by voice overs who need to enhance specific skills and is run by a voice-over teacher, by way of example, like character voice acting.

These workshops in many cases are followed by a question and answers period. The surroundings is generally more casual and free-spirited than a private lesson and empowers you to network with individuals within your area, maybe even meet with co-workers who’ll become friends and family.

Generally there’s a price for participating in a workshop to cover the teachers’ time, stuff, and the site. These fees can vary, but anticipate that in many instances, there will be a fee for the workshop.

Tele-courses are instructed over the phone. When participating in a tele-course, all you have to do is dial in to the phone number your teacher will supply you with, and enter the group number for your particular group. Be sure you do this on the date and at the time your course is scheduled for.

There may be unique code that you simply’ll must dial after calling in to be routed to the appropriate tele-type, similar to how you’d assess the numbers on the door if you were searching for a classroom in a building. Once you are in on the call, everyone will be greeted by the teacher, introduce the plan, begin teaching, and have question and answers period. Bear in mind that there may be a fee related to a tele-type.

These categories are suitable for voice-over talent who don’t live in big facilities or have access to voice over coaches inside their city.

Voice Over Communities

If you’d like to network with other voice overs and aspiring talent, you can glean advice and opinions from each other in person, through Internet chat groups, or by posting on voice-over support newsgroups.

These types of communities of professional and ambitious voice overs chat with each other about vocal technique, recording equipment, job opportunities, and more.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of joining a peer support group is that you could share experiences with fellow voice overs, learn at your own pace, and if you are in a position to do so, give insight to other voice overs.

Voice Over Books

One of the simplest and quickest means to get a handle on the voice-over area and voice business as a whole would be to take a seat and read a superb novel. Aside from either going to the local library or purchasing a publication or voiceover eBook online, there’sn’t much legwork.

Great voice over publications can help you with technique and some additionally direct you from the ground up, including the best way to brand yourself, how to record voice overs, be located online, boost your voice, make money as a voice over, run your company, and give you the encouragement you should get going.

Another great idea would be to find a royalty-free voice-over script set. You’ll need one to record your first voice over demo from. These scripts are great for practicing with by yourself or with a voice teacher.

Getting started in voice overs is more complex than one would believe, but for those who succeed in this career field, it’s among the most pleasing, adaptable, and rewarding professions in the universe.

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