A Summary of the Voice-Over Business

A Summary of the Voice-Over Business

Voice over is an extremely distinctive market within the amusement and audio recording businesses.

Similar to an ecosystem, there’s a natural order of things and varied relationships that take shape, a lot of which are symbiotic, or, mutually beneficial to the parties they involve.

Consider people and trees for example.

Trees generate the oxygen we must respire. Breath leaves our bodies, or when we exhale, carbon dioxide is generated because of this. In our CO2, which is their source of atmosphere, the trees breathe following our exhalations, as well as the cycle so continues for all of us to inhale as they automatically create more oxygen abundant exhalation. We then exhale carbon dioxide as well as the tree is nourished… you understand.

Just as in nature and lawn care, many associations within voice over are interchangeable and there are not many self serving relationships. For the ones that do exist, they’re an essential element of our voice-over ecosystem, and without them, there would not be a balance.

That’s only the essence of stuff.

Let Us have a look at the functions we are going to be profiling this week with a short summary on each, beginning at the bottom of the ecosystem.

Voice Actors

A voice actor is the producer of the creative vocal work that’s recorded and used for various uses including advertisements for radio, television, phone, podcasts, video games and much more. The voice actor uses their natural gifts, mostly command and their voice of it, to infuse life into the written word. A voice actor is a creator of voice overs, as well as a voice over is the sound part of a media program commissioned by a customer. Voice actors are also called voice talents, voice overs, voice-over artists, VO, VA, narrators, announcers, orators, etc.

Voice Over Teachers and Teachers

A voice-over mentor or educator is someone who’s either a teacher of voice, voice acting, or has wide-ranging practical experience employed as a professional voice actor. These individuals are trained to prepare and in many cases are related to starting voice actors or voice actors that are trying to enrich or expand their voice over skills through workshops or private training. There are fewer voice-over trainers than there are voice actors as well as their profession is in many instances associated with the theory of Publish or Perish. The character of a voice-over coach will be to educate but this individual could also perform or project (decide) voices for other jobs.

Audio Engineers and Producers

An audio engineer is someone who’s exceptionally proficient in the area of sound production, including recording, editing, mixing and mastering. As an audio engineer, this individual is normally employed by a recording studio that was bigger or may also be a freelance producer who works alone, running on their very own creation studio. There are schools where individuals could be trained to obtain abilities in this specialized part of the voice-over company. For voice actors that are unwise, sound producers and these recording engineers are heavily relied upon to help them record program prepared work for customers or create their voice over demos.

Voice Over Agents and Talent Services

A voice-over representative is somebody who encourages and signifies a voice actor, presenting their voice-over work for thought when an occupation the voice actor is satisfied for becomes accessible. An agent may be independent or portion of a talent agency that functions similarly to a talent agency, meaning a business that employs several individuals as representatives handle a variety of talent and to establish a brand, not only voice actors. Representatives typically represent voice actors that are union or nonunion determined by the arrangement if they’re affiliated with a union and an agent has. Representatives choose a commission on the work they get for their voice actor customers, typically in the 10% – 15% range for their services; this might be a commission in addition to what the voice actor taken from the gains directly or makes. A Finder’s Fee is, in addition, a term that applies to services and some representatives.

Cast Directors

A casting director, especially a voice-over casting director, is someone who has an ear for deciding the very best candidate for a specific occupation. It’s the duty of the casting director to “cast” the perfect man in a part for a customer who generally has little interest, skill, or lacks the self-confidence to “decide” the proper voice to represent their firm, undertaking, or brand. The casting director would like to get the perfect performance out of an auditioning gift. It’s their aim, actually, to make a voice actor feel at ease since they must assess their options all in the light that is top to select on the most suitable voice for job or their customer’s effort. A fee bills to the customer for their time plus expertise.


A union is a governing body that controls conditions of employment for their customers. Unions may take actions in cases where arrangements are violated on the benefit of their customers. A voice actor pays union dues or fees to be affiliated with a union to be able for benefits, special services, or opportunities exclusive to the union. While some unions have an open door policy permitting anyone to join so long as they satisfy membership fee conditions, there are several other unions which are “invitation only” or alternative standards. Being part of the union isn’t required and there are non-union voice actors in the universe than there are unionized voice actors.

Voice Over Marketplaces

A voice-over market is a place, usually based online, where voice actors can feature their voices and audition for job opportunities to get voice-over work. As the term “market” means, portal sites that perform this function link buyers and sellers, for the aims of the particular article, buyers and sellers of voice-over services. Voice-over markets serve both seller and the purchaser, and sometimes, ease communications and or trades between them both. It’s an important part of a voice actors advertising efforts along with the handiest and effectual source for customers to find voice actors and get their services as a voice-over market consolidates both ability and job opportunities.

Customers Who Buy Voice Overs

Customers who buy voice-over services can be from any sector, nation, and talk many different languages. Since the need for sound creation is the requirement for voice overs in addition to worldwide, the global market of customers creates an enormous demand for voice actors who supply quality voice-over records to signify their firm, organization, or occurrence. Customers hire voice-over talent to record for tv, radio, podcasts, video games, audio books, movie, cartoon, phone, corporate presentations, and other functions. !

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Columbus Sound Prepares Spot For Yeotown

Yeotown is a successful health retreat in the heart of North Devon. It’s bucolic setting and forward-thinking style has made it a favorite of health enthusiasts from across the globe and now, Columbus sound gets to prepare an advertisement spot for this prestigious retreat.

Personal Visit


What better way to prepare for an advertisement campaign than through a personal visit to the site? You can be sure that our staff of reporters were fair and deliberate in their selection of who should cover this great opportunity. They literally drew straws to see who would get to go. The big winner was treated to 5 days in this amazingly wonderful setting, and is pleased to share her experiences with you, here.

Atlantic Ocean

Can I just say that the Atlantic is only 15 minutes away from Yeotown? That is, a 15 minute walk. Imagine packing a picnic lunch, made with fresh produce from area farmers, and walking to what seems to be the edge of the world. There, on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, you enjoy your lunch, leaving the parings for the seagulls.


There are plenty of opportunities to hike in this area. The country setting, with meadows and hills, is restorative in nature. Who knows what you will encounter on your walk – a doe and her fawn, a curious rabbit, or the sight of a graceful hawk on the wing.


Perhaps one of my favorite aspect of Yeotown.com, besides the hikes and the ocean, was the dining. Their menu is based on a seasonal supply of local fruits vegetables, and meats. The catch of the day from local fishermen is tastefully, and healthfully, prepared by professionals. The creative plating is beautiful, as well, and you’ll find that you are enjoying your healthy, organic meal more than you ever thought possible.


You can take yoga classes several times a day. In fact, you can book a yoga retreat with specific instructors if you want to. There are also drop in yoga groups, and in the UK, you can take a short yoga retreat just for the weekend.

Lodging and Amenities


The lodging at Yeotown is luxurious, to say the least. The beds welcome your weary body when you have spent the day in fitness classes, hiking, and doing yoga. The floors are heated, and spa treatments are sure to get you back on the right track. This is a great place to enjoy a detox retreat, since you will have excellent dining as very comfortable lodging. Take advantages of massages, saunas, and much more. You can go to The Sanctuary and, in front of the fire, have a massage as part of your detox program. There are several different retreats available throughout the year, each with a different theme.

If you want to go overseas, Yeotown has yoga retreats in Bali and in Sri Lanka each year. Not only that, you can hire the entire place for your family get together or for the office.

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A Great Guide To Soundproofing Your Home Studio

Home studios are almost expected in the modern home. Whether installed as part of the “man cave” or for family entertainment, the home studio can see many hours of entertainment and noise. There are many reasons to soundproof the home studio. Part of the reason is to keep noise from polluting the rest of the house. Not only can music rouse the neighbors, but movies and parties can make a lot of racket, too. In addition soundproofing, whether it is wood cladding or foam baffles, improves the acoustics in the home studio. This will maximize the depth of sounds, making the most of highs and lows and reducing feedback and clutter. Here are some pointers for soundproofing your home studio.



Most experts will say that to achieve the best soundproofing for your studio, you need to build a “structure within a structure.” This is often accomplished by using products like wood cladding to create a false floor. Trapped air is one of the best tools for soundproofing, and by building a false floor with air sealed beneath, you can greatly increase the soundproofing in that room. This is especially help with those rooms that are upstairs.

In addition, false walls and ceiling will improve the soundproofing. It can get rather expensive, but one of the more affordable materials is timber. It can give you great results quickly, without as much expenditure, if you use less expensive timber.



Most people assume that the use of foam materials is the best way to accomplish their goals. However, while egg crate foam may make the sound better within the room, it is not that useful for soundproofing. There is simply not enough mass to the foam to contain the sound and keep it from traveling throughout the house and into the neighboring areas.

Fiberglass sheets are moderately helpful with the soundproofing. What you need, though, are more substantial construction materials. Wood is the easiest to work with, and provides instant success.

Sound travels through the air, as well as through vibrations. Just like air, it will find its way through the weak spots in your room. Therefore, any windows or doors will require special attention. Most doors have a rating of only 15dB, meaning that a lot of sound will escape through your doors.

Interior walls are also notoriously weak when it comes to blocking noise. The typical interior wall does not have any insulation in it, but is made up of studs with drywall on each side. This can actually act as an amplifier for sound within the rooms.

In addition to creating trapped air spaces in the room and using solid surfaces, you can replace hollow core doors with solid doors. This will help, but you also need to make sure the seals around the door are solid, or the sound will leak out or into the room. For windows, make sure you have double glazed windows with proper insulation.

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New Décore At Columbusound!

The corporate offices at Columbusound just got a major make-over, and it has met with outstanding enthusiasm from employees and visitors, alike. One might not think that office décor would make much difference in productivity, but we are discovering just the opposite, hear at headquarters. Part of the improvement comes from the new batch of indoor office plants.


Benefits of Indoor Office Plants

Our decorators have done a marvelous job in revamping our facilities. However, one of the most obvious improvements comes from the addition of indoor plants. We have learned that there are a number of benefits from introducing office plants.planters4

  • Living plants clean the air. With new carpeting, new countertops, and fresh paint, there are a lot of VOCs floating around. The living plants, however, have purged the odors out of the air in record time, and testing has shown that less obvious gasses, that have no odor, are lower than they were before the remodel! It seems that plants actually “eat” gasses like formaldehyde, radon, and other unhealthy off-gasses that are the result of construction. The various plants absorb those gasses, and replace them with oxygen. That’s a trade we like!
  • The air humidity is more regulated. This time of year, with office heating going, many employees report that their sinuses are dry. They start hacking, and irritated sinuses start getting infected. This year, however, we are seeing far less of this problem. It is because the plants consume water, and between the frequent watering of the plants and the release of moisture into the air, the humidity levels of the office are far more comfortable. Fewer sinus problems equals better work attendance.
  • Eye strain is reduced. Most offices have plenty of overhead lighting. In addition to this, most employees will have task lighting at their workstations. However, no matter how careful you are to provide baffles for the light or to make sure there is sufficient lighting, there is still a problem of eyestrain among the employees. This is because of the harshness of lighting. Plants, however will break up the light. The leaves and stems reflect the light in various directions, softening it and casting shadows, as well. This actually gives the eyes a break, creating different depths of field and focus requirements. This is crucial for relief from eye fatigue. Another benefit of this style of interior landscaping is that aids relief of eye strain is that the plants break up the man-made lines in the office. Straight walls, 90 degree corners, and cubicles create a very stiff atmosphere and lead the eye down strict lines. But, plants break up those lines, bringing a natural feel to the spaces and creating breaks in the visual lines.

Our new décor is receiving rave reviews from the employees, who like the new, fresh colors and natural feel from the plants. The air is fresher, even though we have new furnishing and carpeting, and the furnishings are great. Everyone is much happier at work now, and productivity has skyrocketed.

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Columbus Sounds And New Projects – Business and Online

Columbus Sound has begun a new project. In cooperation with the efforts of a local museum of art, Columbus Sound is developing a soundtrack of ambient music to correlate with each area of display.

Up the Ante

Anyone who has been to the great theme parks such as Busch Gardens or SeaWorld knows that one unifying element is the music. From one section of the park to the other, there are sound effects and/or music that help to establish a mood. It not only adds to the ambience, it helps to establish navigation patterns throughout the park.

In the local museum, navigations is not such a problem, but they have asked Columbus Sound to up the ante with a soundtrack that enhances the visitors’ experiences without being invasive. This will be one of the first museums in the state that actually uses sound effects and music to create a multi-sensory experience for visitors.

Quality Partnerships

Columbus Sound is working with a local sound warehouse to develop a speaker system appropriate for each area of display. The speakers will be integrated into the displays by experienced set designers from the local University Theater Arts department.

This challenging project is thoroughly mapped out by the engineers at Columbus Sound, with a wire harness designed for each room and linked to a master mixing board. In every place possible, the company is using state-of-the-art wireless receivers and transmitters to lessen the impact of installation on the displays. The sound warehouse is pulling out all of the stops in finding the most cutting edge equipment for use in this project.

Other Contributors

Some music being used in the soundtracks put together by Columbus Sound are pulled from public access archives. Others are especially recorded, in the Columbus studios, by local musicians and Foley artists from TV production companies. The funding for this extensive project is provided by a state grant.


Columbus Sound expresses gratitude for this opportunity, because not many sound studios get to take on such a large, unique project. Their marketing company, LogicalJack, will be promoting the results with an online marketing blitz. Not only will the results be fully documented on the Columbus website, the grand opening will be advertised on social media outlets. LogicalJack has converted Columbus’ website to interact with mobile devices as well, to broaden public access. With this initiative, people shopping for the day will be able to bring up information about local activities that are easy to read on their hand-held devices.

The company is excited with progress on this project. The sound track is coming together very well, with talented people contributing through performances and original compositions. The great equipment is providing excellent sound in the test phases, with no feedback and very little if any noise. Sound mixing and recording has already begun for several of the exhibits, and Columbus expects a completed project by the end of the summer.

Thanks to LogicalJack and the help of many talented people, the grand opening should be a vast success. With our new business ventures in had, Columbus sound is looking ahead to an exciting future.

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