Modular Construction, Does It Make A Good Studio?

Modular Construction, Does It Make A Good Studio?

Alot of people have been asking me recently whether modular construction or SIPS panels is the way to go if you want an efficient and cheap studio, and I can give you the answer. Unfortunately it is not a simple yes or no answer, although I will try and keep it short.

Modular construction is definitely a great new invention, building houses in parts offsite is an incredible feat, and in most cases is a lot quicker and cheaper. The quality of modular buildings is also increasing by the minute, buildings are improving in strength and design. There are however a few caveats if you are looking to have something build specifically to use as a studio.


The biggest issue you are going to encounter with modular construction is soundproofing. depending on what material your new studio is built out of, the walls of a SIPS building are going to be thinner than an average build and therefore “leak” more audio. There are however ways around this, the first way would be to try and foam over the walls. There are specific foam pieces you can buy that are created in a certain shape to help disperse the sound, some of these panels over the walls should help, but it won’t be perfect.

The ultimate solution is to build a “room in a room” solution. This would effectively be building a room within your new sips panel building, perhaps you could even have another sips building inside. The way this works is that the airspace between the two buildings will not be able to transmit sound, creating the perfect studio environment! Remember to make the plans for you room slightly bigger to incorporate this though!

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