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Columbus Sound has begun a new project. In cooperation with the efforts of a local museum of art, Columbus Sound is developing a soundtrack of ambient music to correlate with each area of display.

Up the Ante

Anyone who has been to the great theme parks such as Busch Gardens or SeaWorld knows that one unifying element is the music. From one section of the park to the other, there are sound effects and/or music that help to establish a mood. It not only adds to the ambience, it helps to establish navigation patterns throughout the park.

In the local museum, navigations is not such a problem, but they have asked Columbus Sound to up the ante with a soundtrack that enhances the visitors’ experiences without being invasive. This will be one of the first museums in the state that actually uses sound effects and music to create a multi-sensory experience for visitors.

Quality Partnerships

Columbus Sound is working with a local sound warehouse to develop a speaker system appropriate for each area of display. The speakers will be integrated into the displays by experienced set designers from the local University Theater Arts department.

This challenging project is thoroughly mapped out by the engineers at Columbus Sound, with a wire harness designed for each room and linked to a master mixing board. In every place possible, the company is using state-of-the-art wireless receivers and transmitters to lessen the impact of installation on the displays. The sound warehouse is pulling out all of the stops in finding the most cutting edge equipment for use in this project.

Other Contributors

Some music being used in the soundtracks put together by Columbus Sound are pulled from public access archives. Others are especially recorded, in the Columbus studios, by local musicians and Foley artists from TV production companies. The funding for this extensive project is provided by a state grant.


Columbus Sound expresses gratitude for this opportunity, because not many sound studios get to take on such a large, unique project. Their marketing company, LogicalJack, will be promoting the results with an online marketing blitz. Not only will the results be fully documented on the Columbus website, the grand opening will be advertised on social media outlets. LogicalJack has converted Columbus’ website to interact with mobile devices as well, to broaden public access. With this initiative, people shopping for the day will be able to bring up information about local activities that are easy to read on their hand-held devices.

The company is excited with progress on this project. The sound track is coming together very well, with talented people contributing through performances and original compositions. The great equipment is providing excellent sound in the test phases, with no feedback and very little if any noise. Sound mixing and recording has already begun for several of the exhibits, and Columbus expects a completed project by the end of the summer.

Thanks to LogicalJack and the help of many talented people, the grand opening should be a vast success. With our new business ventures in had, Columbus sound is looking ahead to an exciting future.

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