For professional sound editing, sound leveling, sound mixing, and voicework, Columbus Sounds is the company you need. Their masterful work will bring continuity to your project, and add the drama you need to make it memorable. From commercials to art projects, we can develop a soundtrack that will propel your recording to the top of its field. Services offered are:


We have a university nearby that has an excellent College of Acting. Quite often, we will contract with the actors to do voice-overs for our editing. We also have found this to be an excellent source of character voices. If you want it, we can find it with these great resources available to us.

Sound Editing:

Sound editing is so important that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has a special award just for sound editing. The sound editor is responsible for drawing everything together concerning sound, dialogue, sound effects, and music, and weaving it into a cohesive whole.

The sound editor also takes all sounds that are recorded on the actual set and cleans them up. This may mean eliminating some sounds, leveling others, and of course, cleaning up dialogue. The editor will make dialogue more easily understood. He will also clean up transitions between scenes, where background noises can be dramatically different, making it hard to follow narration or dialogue.

In addition, the sound editor has to make insightful decisions on when to substitute recordings from a sound effects library for actual recorded sounds. For example, a door closing may be too loud on a recording. The editor can substitute a sound effects recording, and the door closing fades into the background, as it should. Call Columbus Sounds for your sound editing needs.

Sound Leveling:

Have you ever been watching TV and jumped when a commercial comes on that is WAY TOO loud? That is sound leveling done purposely to get your attention. Many people will buy volume levelers for that reason.
With Columbus Sound, you can have professional sound leveling done to your project. Whether it is a video game, commercial, home video, or any other recording, our sound leveling specialist will make sure there are no slamming doors to jolt the viewer, or no outrageously loud motor cars drowning out dialogue.
In a video containing dialogue, you need the dialogue to be delivered at the same basil level from scene to scene. Otherwise, you have people turning up the volume during certain scenes, then having the speakers blown out in the next scene. While this is done in some big-screen movies, it’s not always a great idea in smaller, shorter presentations. These usually have the purpose of conveying a message, and unequal sound can divert from that message, causing confusion or, even worse, irritation.


Sound mixing is a craft that balances the aesthetics of the sound track with the overall appeal to viewers and listeners. The mixer may add reverb in some layer of the sound track, while changing the frequency another level. The mixer will take recordings of all of the different layers in the soundtrack, syncing them and adjusting timing and volume for an overall cohesive product.
Mixing the sound takes several recordings – of dialogue, background sound effects, ambient sounds, voice-overs, and music – and overdubs them. Then, in the final mixdown, the timing is synced with video content so that everything runs smoothly.

Columbus Sounds has the best mixers in the business. Call today to set up an appointment, or have your project viewed for sound mixing.